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The Greer Farm The Greer Farm West Daingerfield, TX, 75638

The Greer Farm utilizes sustainable agriculture techniques Our pick-your-own berry field of ten acres has five varieties of blueberries and several of blackberry including Osage. The berry season is June and July. We raise Maine-Anjou fullblood cattle We offer free range eggs, grass fed beef and lamb, pasture raised chicken and pork sold by the portion at the farm We also sell beef by the split quarter in bulk cut and packaged to your specification and pork by the half. We also four lakeside...

At "The Greer Farm" you can pick:



Peas (snap)


Windy Creek Vineyards Windy Creek Vineyards Sanger, TX, 76266

We are a small, private farm within an hour's drive of Dallas where you can pick your own plums, peaches and grapes. We do not have picnic facilities nor public restrooms. There appears to be lots of fruit on the trees this year. Please call and check our answering machine - Yes, we are old-fashioned - for when we will open. The whites we have, Sauvignon blanc and Symphony, are ready in late July. The reds, Merlot and Shiraz/Syrah, are ready in early August. The whites we have, Sauvi...

At "Windy Creek Vineyards" you can pick: