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There are 4 pick your own gooseberries farms in USA!

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Cherry Hill Farm Cherry Hill Farm Springfield, VT, 05156

We are a small family farm producing soft fruit including black currants, red currants, red raspberries, black raspberries and gooseberries. We operate a summer Pick Your Own business, through which we have met people from all over our state and beyond!

At "Cherry Hill Farm" you can pick:

Black Currants



Red Currants

The Honeyberry Farm The Honeyberry Farm Bagley, MN, 56621

The Honeyberry Farm offers delightful honeyberries, delicious sour cherries, superb saskatoons, colorful currants, and several other cold hardy fruits - aronia, elderberry, goji, s askatoons, h ighbush Cranberry and seaberry.

At "The Honeyberry Farm" you can pick:


Black Currants






Red Currants


Sea Buckthorn

Sour Cherries