Do you want to be listed? It is completely free.

There are two ways to add the farm into directory:

1. If you have a homepage or a Facebook page, send a link to us using the form below. We will process and add the information for you.

2. If you don't have the homepage, send the following information using the form below. Required items in the list marked with (!)

  • (!) Farm's name
  • (!) Address
  • (!) Public contact email
  • Farm's detailed description
  • Url to homepage
  • Contact Person name
  • (!) Phone
  • Open hours
  • Photos (maximum 10)
  • (!) Fruits and vegetables available for u-pick
  • Detail description about fruits/vegetables, which are available for u-pick (e.g picking seasons, varieties, prices etc.)
  • Payment methods (e.g are you accepting Visa, Master card etc.)
  • Link to Facebook page
  • Link to Twitter
  • Link to Pinterest
  • Link to Instagram
  • Link to Flickr
  • Link to Youtube

You can use this form for updating and deleting requests as well.

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