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Wind Ridge Farm Wind Ridge Farm New Melle, MO, 63365

Wind Ridge Farm, is a family-owned and managed fruit farm located in New Melle, Missouri, within the St. Louis metropolitan area. We offer “pick your own” blueberries, peaches and blackberries, as well as some pre-picked peaches throughout the growing season.

At "Wind Ridge Farm" you can pick:




Humboldt Springs Farm Humboldt Springs Farm Crocker, MO, 65452

Humboldt Springs Farm is located on the site of the pre-Civil War village of Humboldt, Missouri. Named for the owner of the general store, Humboldt declined after the St. Louis - San Fransisco Railway bypassed the the village for a location a mile to the south that would become Crocker. All that remains of Humboldt is a cemetery with stones dating to the 1870's and an old concrete cistern located at a year round spring. Humboldt Springs Farm has over 1.5 acres of blueberries and thornless ...

At "Humboldt Springs Farm" you can pick: