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Prairie Hill Blueberry Farm Prairie Hill Blueberry Farm Bethany, IL, 61914

Walk your way through the berries with your family and friends. Enjoy nature, sample the five varieties, and even stop by to feed the fish at the pond. Spend and hour or a day in a beautiful park-like setting sure to remind you of the gentler times of yesterday.

At "Prairie Hill Blueberry Farm" you can pick:


Christ Orchard Christ Orchard Elmwood, IL, 61529

Christ Orchard has been family owned and operated for nearly 40 years. U-Pick apples are available in September and October. U-pick pumpkins are available in October. Christ Orchard also offers fresh pressed apple cider, mums, honey, fall decorations, fruit preserves, and much more.

At "Christ Orchard" you can pick: