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Cherry Hill Farm Cherry Hill Farm Springfield, VT, 05156

We are a small family farm producing soft fruit including black currants, red currants, red raspberries, black raspberries and gooseberries. We operate a summer Pick Your Own business, through which we have met people from all over our state and beyond!

At "Cherry Hill Farm" you can pick:

Black Currants



Red Currants

Bascom Road Blueberry Farm Bascom Road Blueberry Farm Newport, NH, 03773

We are a 2000 bush Pick Your Own blueberry farm in Newport, NH with an onsite farm store with our own produce, eggs and honey, as well as local meats, maple syrup and other great products. With fantastic views out over the valley towards Mount Croyden, our family-friendly farm offers many varieties of blueberries starting with Chanticleer in early July and going right through the dog days of summer to Elliots in September. We accept Cash, Checks, Cards and SNAP/EBT.

At "Bascom Road Blueberry Farm" you can pick: