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St. Augustine Flea Market / BerryStacks Hydroponic U Pick Farm St. Augustine Flea Market / BerryStacks Hydroponic U Pick Farm Saint Augustine, FL, 32084

The St. Augustine Flea Market is the best shopping experience in St. Augustine, Florida and the St. Joh's County area. Hundreds of vendors, great food, fresh produce, and convenient shopping make the St. Augustine Flea Market your first choice for weekend shopping and fun. Our new U-Pick Hydroponic Farm lets you pick your own strawberries, vegetables, and herbs. It's the best! We have convenient parking for handicap, tractor-trailers, and RV's so you are always close to a flea market entranc...

At "St. Augustine Flea Market / BerryStacks Hydroponic U Pick Farm" you can pick:


Wet Hammock Farm Wet Hammock Farm Citra, FL, 32113

We are a family farm in operation since 1918. We offer U-Pick crops in Blackberries, Blueberries, Peaches, flowers and Pumpkins seasonally. We also offer seasonal produce that is grow on the farm for sale in our picking shed during the U-Pick seasons. Picking season usually runs from late April- late May for blueberries, Late May-Late June for Blackberries, Late May-Early June for peaches and Late Sept - October for 'Florida Fairytale' Pumpkins. Our other produce is offered during our ...

At "Wet Hammock Farm" you can pick: