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Blueberry Hill Blueberry Hill Florence, MS, 39073

2018: U pick or we pick blueberries. We accept cash We provide buckets for picking. We have grocery bags for transport home or you may bring your own for transporting home. We also have farm animals on premises. Children must be with an adult at all times while on farm.

At "Blueberry Hill" you can pick:


Crystal Springs Farm Market Crystal Springs Farm Market Crystal Springs, MS, 39059

We are a u-pick farm located 2.5 miles south of Crystal Springs. Our main product is several varieties of rabbiteye blueberries . We also offer some thornless blackberries , local honey and occasionally other farm produce. In the near future we are planning the addition of several varieties of muscadines and blueberry varieties to extend the picking season. Pathways between plants are mowed regularly and most are wheelchair accessible. A clean restroom is available. Payment methods: Cash,...

At "Crystal Springs Farm Market" you can pick: