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The Orchard & Co., LLC The Orchard & Co., LLC Plain City, OH, 43064

The Orchard & Co. is a family owned and operated u-pick apple orchard with over 5,000 apples trees consisting of over 10 varieties. We have an annual fall festival with many fun attractions and pumpkins! During the spring and summer we host corporate events and weddings. We do accept Visa, Master Card & Discover

At "The Orchard & Co., LLC" you can pick:


CherryHawk Farm CherryHawk Farm Marysville, OH, 43040

Old-fashioned U-pick apples in a quiet, natural setting. About a dozen different varieties ripen in sequence from August through November. We sell apples by pre-measured bags which we supply. Pricing changes with different times during the season and different varieties of apples. In general, a one peck bag is about $15. This holds about 10 pounds of apples. Smaller and larger quantities are available. Forms of payment: cash, check, credit card, PayPal.

At "CherryHawk Farm" you can pick: