A postage-stamp sized farm. We sell seasonal fruits and vegetables here on the farm.

Open hours: it is best to call ahead as we are just a husband and wife team. We do not have employees and we don’t punch a clock.

 We grow a full line of vegetables throughout the spring, summer, and fall. U-pick is a conditional privilege based on such things as age, experience, size of group, amount of adult supervision, etc. level of u-pick assistance varies according to these variables. We are currently rebuilding our blueberry patch and apple orchard, so these two crops are currently very limited.

Payment methods: Presently cash or check

19401 West 6th Street, Sand Springs, OK, 74063
(918) 527-0735
Phillip Hatcher
It good idea to use Eco Bags at the farm
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At High-Fence Farm LLC you can pick: